Gold Bull

None until now! 
Silver Bull

Tom's [email protected]
(+Very good design and contens / - not 100% finished yet)
Flavio's HipHop Page
(+ Fast and very good "over all" impresion / - Not extensive enough) 
Bronze Bull

Fun World
(+ lot of good contens, professional impresion) - Bad mixture of Topic's, some bad contens)
 (+ cool contens and and good "over all" impression / - Unclear Menue, not extensive enough)
Java - Erotic Homepage
(+ extensive and original / - To much banners, loadingtime)

Crazy Award

None until now!

 Award's for honor's sake

Pugnacious Pete's Home Page
This Site got a "Siver Bull" for honor's sake.
Reason: Ok...this site is only interessting for American dog-fans,
but it was build with lot of love and engagement.
And it's worth a visit in eache case...I have never
laughed as much about a dog as about Pete!  ;-)

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