I decided to honor intressting, well planed and exciting Homepages with an award.
The sites should convince in the following criterions:
  1. General impression - Is the whole site homogeneous?
How is the presentation?
Is the site overloaded with banners?
2. Contens - The topic doesn't mater but the site should contain more than only
"about me" and "my favorite links".
3. Interactivity - Has the user to do some more than only click some links?
4. Navigation - Can the user find his way?
How many steps are needed to go from one page to another?
5. Completeness - It's clear that a good site is never "finished",
but it shoudn't look like a building site...
6. Loadingtime - How much time does it take the site to be loaded?
Are there many bad compressed pictures?
The "Bronze Bull" will be awared for a "good" in the above criterions.
The "Silver Bull" will be awarded for a "very good" in the above criterions.
The "Gold Bull" will be awarded for a "excellent" in the above criterions.
 There will be no gifts! A "Bronze Bull" is a honor allready!
Gold Bull Silver Bull Bronze Bull
 Among these standard awards I award the "Crazy Award".
This award can only be obtained by sites that
contain very creative or original stuff and obtained at least
a "very good" in the standard criterions.
Crazy Award
Got it?
 So apply now!
 Application for the  awards
 Here you can see the winners.
And here you can see the awards I have won.