At this place I would like to introduce some of my best friends:
Marco, alias Pepe, is 20 years old and lives by now in Lausanne.
There he studies informatics at the ETH. I think highly of his integrity
and his lawful character....besides you can have a great time with him!  ;-)
Marcos E-Mail adress: [email protected]
Benjamin, alias Ben, is 20 years old. Ben lives in Thalwil (near Zurich)
where he studies economic-informatics at the university of Zurich
and works in a local PC store. We share a lot of common interests like playing PC games or surfing in the 'net.
Ben's E-Mail adress: [email protected]
Ben's Homepage:
Marc, alias Daetty, is 20 years old. He lives, like I do, in Oberwil and
studies at the univerity of Zurich economic-informatics. Marc is as well a member in the raised circle of game-addicts. :-)
Marc's E-Mail adress: [email protected]