I would like to introduce myself:
  The only car I can afford.. . :(
My name is Felix, I live in Oberwil (near the swiss city Basle) and at the moment I
am studying law at the university of Basle. During the time that I don't spend with
my studies I like to surf in the Internet, playing some games on my PC
or having fun with my Friends and/or my Girlfriend.
Perhaps you could help me with a little problem....
My ICQ UIN: 4476472
Hobbys: Gameing, surfingen, schwimming and speculating with stocks. PC Games (at the moment): Diablo, Fifa 98, Jedi Knight
 I love: Money, snuggeling with my girlfriend, weekend, beer, movies, compliments, pizza, chocolatte und having fun! I hate: Microsoft Internet Explorer, frames, dead links!!, bills, prejudice, censorship and too smal hard discs!
Favorite Site:        www.swissquote.ch Worst Site:         www.kelly-family.com