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The last update was made 1st febuar 1998.

Hey! Are you sad today?
What's up friend?
Well let's start our trip to cheer you up a bit....

What about Blazer's free Postcards?
Check it out...  it's really cool!!

It's said that music is the best medicine for a bad humor...
I am sure you will like this piece of music ...
If you rather prefer other sounds check  this out! you fell better but there are still
some agressive emotions disturbing you...
Well  let's play a nice game!!

This trip in the copse helped you unfortunatly just temporary.
Well in this case let's try somthing other...
Come and visit my  downloadzone.
I am convinced you will find something making you happy!

Perhaps you are just sad because nobody visits your Homepage...
No Problem! Just put your link on the " links for all " page!

Perhaps you are just lonely and and alone...
Wanna some neew friends?
 Take a look at "Party and friends"!

What's this? You are still here?
Well perhaps your persistance will pay off...
Because you found the entrance to
Blazer's hall of fame!

I am sure you want to know who is speaking to you...
No problem.
Here I am!

Before you leave this place in a happy and content condition
please sign my guestbook.
Enjoy your stay here!

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